Yekyll & Hide

“It generates the desires and dictates the emotions, it is capable of learning anything, even of how to control it’s own creations. Who knows what is locked up inside the brain because it has learned it is not permitted to let it out. Who knows? God’s greatest gift to man is a brain of infinite capacity.”
On Friday the 1st of February, we will perform the production Jekyll & Hyde in Podium Bloos, Breda.
Jekyll & Hyde is a play about Dr. Henry Jekyll, who is about to perform medical experiments in order to separate the good and evil in people, through which someone’s true personality should come forward. He decides to try his experiments on himself, which leads to unexpected consequences. His dark side, in the form of Edward Hyde, takes more and more control over his body. Is Henry Jekyll able to fight his malicious, murderous personality?
Written by: Leonard H. Caddy
Based on a story of: Robert L. Stevenson
Directed by: Tim Schoonebeek
Directing assistant: Robin van den Eerenbeemd
Actors: Joey Boussen, Amber van Eck, Szonja Hollos, Kristie Koehof, Tijn te Molder, Emma Munnichs, Mariano Stanich, Robin van den Eerenbeemd
Production: Niels Adriaansen, Merel Brandt, Erik te Molder, Tijn te Molder, Marissa Saris